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Here at Smyths Living we deal daily with electrical faults and power problems. Whether it is a simple fuse change to re-wiring a kitchen or installing a heat-pump, we have experienced electricians ready to help. We pride ourselves on getting the job done quickly and without fuss.

Common calls we receive relate to....

Failed lighting - Fuses blown or tripped - Power points not working or loose

 Stove and oven elements failing or blown - No hot water - Pumps that have failed  

Hot or burning smells from switchboard - Heater or fan installations

Security lighting not working or needing installation



When planning your bathroom renovation there are a number of things to consider and organise. From an electrical perspective there are really three things to plan for - lighting, heating, and power outlets. An qualified electrician will be required to install and wire any of these electrical fittings.

Bathroom Lighting:
Any worthwhile bathroom renovation should achieve a better lighting design than what was there previously. Some members of the family will be focused on bright vanity lighting that lights the face from all angles, and others will be content with even lighting throughout the room. We can recommend solutions that keep every family member happy.

Functional vanity or mirror lighting can be achieved by one single light fitting above the mirror. For better results you can customize the lighting to cater for a range of head heights with multiple fixed or movable smaller lights.

Commonly we now replace ceiling light fittings with down-lights. In a bathroom renovation, the new lighting design could mean going from a double spot-light fitting in the centre of the bathroom, to three or four halogen down-lights in the ceiling - as well as multiple vanity/mirror light fittings. Our electricians will help you construct a lighting plan to help achieve your lighting requirements..... in any room of the house.

Bathroom Heating:
Nobody enjoys a cold bathroom first thing in the morning. Beyond energy efficient ideas for home insulation, there are a few common and simple heating options available for the bathroom. 
These include heated towel rails, under floor heating, and ceiling heat lamps.

Our team regularly install heated towel rails. Heated towel rails installed with a timer can be an excellent energy efficient option and a great way to ensure you have snugly dry towels.

To install underfloor heating you will require an electrician for the power switches and control fittings. We can install underfloor heating in your bathroom and make that freezing floor a distant memory.

Ceiling and wall mounted heat lamps can also provide a boost of heat to bathrooms that don't have good insulation or under floor heating. Any of these fixtures must be correctly wired and installed by an electrician for your safety.

Bathroom Power Outlets:
Demand for power outlets in the bathroom has increased over the years. These days you will find a number of personal electrical appliances that require power in the bathroom. 
To help improve the aesthetics of your bathroom and minimize clutter we can help you by wiring power outlets in your cupboard, cabinet or vanity. This can be useful in bathrooms that have very little vanity top space or in a minimalist styled environment - neatly hidden away in cabinets in their own specific space. 

Regular wall-mounted power outlets are also useful when placed in optimal locations. Choosing an extra power outlet can be a convenience you will only appreciate once the renovation is complete.

We are more than happy to discuss installation options with you - no matter what your requirements are.



Bathrooms and Toilets 

Bathrooms are the wettest room in the home and prone to mould. This is caused when there is too much moisture and inadequate ventilation. If moisture is allowed to build up on bathroom surfaces it can create a growth of unhealthy bacteria. If this bacterial growth continues to build up it can make your bathroom unhygienic and even unhealthy. In addition, the build up of moisture can damage the paint and potentially the bathroom fittings and fixtures. A correctly fitted exhaust fan extracts the moist air from the bathroom, which helps prevent condensation and moisture on bathroom surfaces. A ceiling exhaust fan also removes unwanted odours and - when fitted with a heating light - provides warmth after those winter showers.


 A well-placed exhaust fan in your kitchen will remove all unwanted fumes, odours, steam and smoke from the area and keep the room well ventilated and fresh.


 It is very important that your laundry is well ventilated, particularly if you use a dryer. Laundry doors are often closed while in use to minimize the noise from laundry appliances. For this reason it is important to ensure the area is fitted with an exhaust fan to prevent condensation and moisture build up.

In all areas of your home, it is important to ensure that ceiling exhaust fans are properly located and fitted by a qualified electrician. The kitchen ventilation should extract odours and moisture to the outside of the house, not into the roof cavity, where it has the potential to create a grease fire.

Smyths Living Electrical has highly skilled, friendly electricians who will make sure that all of your ceiling exhaust fans are correctly positioned and installed for maximum efficiency. We provide a professional service and complete work to the highest standard with minimum  disruption to your day.


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The purpose of the electrical Certificate of Verification is to verify the condition and safety of the electrical circuits in the property. Electrical COV’s help to identify potential electrical hazards and provide peace of mind to individuals and reduce the risk for home owners, insurance companies and banks when buying or selling a property.

The time it takes to complete an on-site COV inspection can vary. Typically, up to two hours on-site is common for an average sized home. Verification is classified as either a basic visual inspection, visual inspection with limited testing or visual inspection with full testing.

Our standard residential home electrical COV is by basic visual inspection.

This verification process includes a visual inspection of all visible wiring and electrical items. Our electrician will run through a checklist and grade a series of listed items that typically include; 

Main earth - Switchboard - Hot Water System - Range/Stove/Oven - Light switches/fittings

Checking that metal fittings are earthed - Switch-Sockets - Polarity - Condition of Cables

Pipe Insulation - Laundry and outbuilding check

To fully test your Mains Cable an Electrical Inspector is required - therefore it does not form part of our basic visual inspection COV.

Ultimately, certification states: ‘I have carried out a Verification of the above installation in accordance with AS/NZS 3019:2007 and I certify the installation meets the requirements detailed in section 3, 4 or 5 of AS/NZS Standard for the issue of a Certificate of Verification’.



You are planning to renovate your home. When you are busy planning and sorting through your options and quotes from contractors it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. When selecting an electrician and evaluating your electrical needs, Smyths Living Electrical are here to help. We believe the process of home renovations should be an exciting and fun time, after all, you are creating a new environment that will bring you years of future enjoyment. We can help make all the choices a little less painful and overwhelming.

To make sure you enjoy the home renovation process - from initial discussions and ideas through to the completed project - we think it is our role to do whatever we can to help you out. Can we perfectly define what that is exactly? Perhaps not.....because everyone is so different! Some people want to be hands-on and involved in the whole process, while others just want to discuss their options, make informed decisions and have a third party handle everything.

Ultimately, it has to be about listening to YOU, and delivering you the service and experience you deserve. We aim to exceed and deliver an experience that will leave you with a big smile. It's your home, we understand this is a big deal. Details will mean everything two years down the track. We will make every effort to understand your lifestyle requirements to ensure you'll love your newly renovated home - now and for years to come.

Smyths Living have experience to help people renovate their home in just about every conceivable way - from simple renovations through to complex home rebirths. Electricity and power is a central part of modern life and our need for power is only increasing. Careful electrical design and planning will help you to have a dramatically improved quality of life. We'd love to have a chance to chat with you about your home renovations project.



Your switchboard is basically the control panel of your homes electrical wiring. If your switchboard is a little elderly you need to consider upgrading it for several reasons.


 An  older switchboard has a greater likelihood of short-circuiting - meaning that there is a risk of the fuses catching fire or of electric shocks. If your current switchboard still uses replaceable wires on the fuses it is a safety hazard and needs to be replaced.

Insufficient power supply

  Our modern homes rely on many more appliances to run than they did in when the majority of our homes were built. With a reliance on computers, air conditioners, home theatre systems, microwave ovens, fitness equipment, pool pumps and stereos, it is essential that the switchboard is able to cope with the amount of electricity required by the household. Indicators of an insufficient power supply are usually power tripping and flickering lights.

Safety Switch

 This gives you the ability to cut down or restore power when necessary - a feature not present on older switchboards. An electrical safety switch is a crucial feature of modern switchboards.

An upgrade of your switchboard is not a big investment for the sake of your family’s safety. If you would like an assessment made of your switchboard - call Jim’s Electrical for a professional opinion. We will test your unit for safety and recommend a date for your next upgrade, or we can upgrade it there and then if your switchboard is hazardous. To ensure the safety of you and your family, make sure you don’t leave it too late to replace your ageing switchboard. 



Great lighting design, fixtures and fittings can make a world of difference to a property. Aesthetically people may not notice a huge difference - the real benefit is for those who spend time in the newly-lit environment. A well designed lighting plan can enhance the interior of your home. It can help to improve the consistency of light in all parts of a room, alter the direction your lighting comes from and reduce glare.

The Smyths Living team are obsessed with providing people with exceptional service. Whether you are looking to revamp the lighting in an outdoor area or up-light trees, seating areas, garden art or a pool area, we have clever solutions to help you transform your outdoor space. We can give you peace of mind and help keep your home secure, by installing security lights for relevant areas around your property.

It should come as no surprise that your lights take up a large portion of your electrical bill. They’re also an area in which you can save the most money by updating your hardware. Modern LED lights use less than a tenth of the energy used by older bulbs. They are also much smaller, and don’t use delicate filaments like their predecessors. This means that are much more robust and less likely to break. The mechanism by which they emit light is also more robust. LED lighting needs to be replaced much less often than other bulbs - often outlasting others by up to nine times.

Smyths Living are experienced LED light installers. Talk to our experienced team about installing LED lights today.


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