Do you feel like you are living in a freezer during winter? Does your power bill seem to soar in the colder months?

You may need to think about having a heat pump installed in your home.

According to the EECA website, heat pumps are the most energy efficient and convenient way to heat your home.

A professionally installed heat pump can produce more heat per unit of electricity than a conventional heater.  

Heat pumps can also cool and dehumidify your house during hotter months.

Since most houses vary by size and occupancy - it is important that you choose a heat pump that caters to your requirements.

Smyths Living have professional heat pump installers that can come to your house and ensure you receive the most suitable

heat pump for your home and budget.

Make an appointment for one of the Smyths Living's Heat Pump specialists to visit your house in Dunedin. 

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