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Smyths Living is the agent for Palazzo Kitchens in Dunedin.
Our showroom at 77 Hillside Road in South Dunedin has eight designer kitchens on display ranging in price from $8,000 - $40,000.
We have a huge variety of design options so you can create the kitchen of your dreams.
Palazzo Kitchens offer a design consultation service using our cutting-edge German-design software - allowing you to see a 3D photo quality image of your new kitchen. 

Why Choose Smyths Living Kitchens?

German kitchens are extremely popular with people who want a beautifully designed, precision-engineered kitchen. A kitchen is a large investment for your home - and with our German-manufactured kitchens, you can have outstanding European quality without the exorbitant cost.

We will work with you to create the perfect kitchen - whatever your budget. 

Strength and Durability

German products are renowned for being high quality - and this is no different when it comes to their kitchen production.

Germany has a reputation for precision, cutting-edge design and meticulous engineering. This clearly stands out in the quality of their kitchens.

Palazzo kitchens are rigorously tested to achieve this high quality standard. We make sure our units are built to withstand greater weights than standard kitchens - this means we can achieve the robustness and durability expected from European design.

Unlike the majority of other kitchens, which come flat-packed and create a jigsaw puzzle to put together, ours are manufactured and assembled at the same time. We find that this ensures the quality can be checked before every unit leaves the warehouse and there are no missing components. It has the added benefit of making installation a quick and simple process.


How often do you look around your current kitchen and think of little things that might make it simpler to use and function more efficiently? Functionality is at the heart of German kitchen design. The point of the kitchen is to function in a coherent way - and this is the elementary principle of German engineering. Working with our kitchen designer is a great way to ensure that your new kitchen isn't just designed into the space you have, but that it makes the best possible use of your space. We ask questions and we listen. We make sure you are getting the kitchen that best fits your needs and lifestyle            

German kitchens are designed to sneak storage space into an area in ways you may never have thought of. Clever styling and design solutions give you a kitchen that becomes a fully-integrated extension to your living space. A kitchen that works for you in a practical yet beautiful way - and offers more than the sum of its parts. 

Design and Versatility

If functionality is so important, you might worry that aesthetics will take a back seat. Fortunately this isn't the case - quite the opposite in fact.

It may be true that the phrase "form follows function" is a fundamental aspect of German design. With our kitchens it is clear that plenty of time, effort, and design skill has been applied to the aesthetic form - and it isn't just about functionality. 

There are so many different design and style options that we can cater to your personal taste and requirements. No two people are the same - and no two kitchens are either. This is what makes our German kitchens so popular.  You are not buying off the shelf. This means you can be fully in control of customizing your design. 

You might choose to design a sleek, futuristic, quintessentially German kitchen that mimics the aerodynamic feel of a race-car. You could be in love with the idea of creating the relaxed and cosy feel of a farmhouse kitchen with a crackling fire. No matter what design choices you make, and regardless of the style kitchen we help you create - it all carries the promise of Palazzo's high-quality German engineering.


At Smyths Living (Palazzo Dunedin) we design, supply, and fit Nobilia kitchens.

Nobilia is the largest kitchen manufacturer in Europe and have been in business for over 70 years. They produced over 675,000 kitchens last year - that's 3,100 a day! Almost every third kitchen sold in Germany is a Nobilia kitchen - that's the sort of pedigree that makes us pay attention.

Germany is home to one of the oldest kitchen brands in the world. Other brands have grown up and developed alongside this to create an industry that draws on a wealth of age and experience. With this type of lineage as its backbone, German designers can focus on new designs and innovation to keep their designs at the forefront of kitchen technology.

This is what sets Palazzo kitchens apart from the rest.


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