Beds - How do I select the right one for me?

9th Feb 2019

Art of Mattress Selection

- Like all long term commitments, choosing the right bed is a delicate procedure that should not be rushed. We particularly advise against the perils of speed-dating when it comes to mattress selection. Sure in the heat of the moment, under the shop-floor spotlights, a bed might look attractive, but it takes time and forethought to discover whether it’ll be the fit for you in the long run.
Our wisest Slumberzone experts recommend taking the time to ask the right questions – is it the supportive type? Will it stay firm under pressure? Ask yourself – will you look forward to coming home to it at the end of the day? All excellent questions when practising the time-honoured, fine art of mattress selection.
Our Slumberzone in-store advisors take their role very seriously. They look for specific criteria and preferences when matching you with a compatible mattress. Lately, they’ve also put their heads together to compile the helpful steps below. While your intuition of “what just feels right” should always be your leading indicator, these steps will provide a useful guide based on customer testimonials of great bed matches that have stood the test of time.

Art of Mattress Selection 101


Are you a side sleeper? Do you prefer tummy time? Or are you out flat on your back? Perhaps you’re a ‘freestyler’ sleeper – the type that just doesn’t like to be pinned down to just one sleeping position? Knowing your habits and preferences is a good first step, because even if you feel a change might be nice, we do tend to roll back to what’s most comfortable.


You are the best judge on how responsive you’d like your mattress to be. We recommend you take the time to gauge what works for you. Do you like soft and cuddly, firm, unyielding and dependable, or perhaps a happy medium between the two? Here’s a handy tip! Try lying on the mattress for a few minutes and close your eyes… Can you feel a little too much pressure on your back or hips? Is your spine supported in the right position, or do you find you keep moving? Slumberzone offers a wide range of layer types and options, so keep trying mattresses until you find your perfect sweet spot.


While we can all blow a little hot or cold depending on the season, most people tend to gravitate towards preferring either a warm mattress, or one that’s a little more chilled. Are you the type that kicks your feet out and flings back the blankets? Or do you burrow under the covers for hibernation with only a cold, twitching nose exposed to the night air? The great news is Slumberzone stock a range of pretty clever material technology that can either help you to, stay toastie, or keep your cool.


Solo or sharing your mattress? On the discovery of small, additional occupants popping up like mushrooms in the dark, especially after scary movies, storms or birthdays, our ‘shared sleepers’ often develop a keen appreciation of the ‘limitations of space.’ And while solo sleepers lie on, blissfully unaware of the mattress takeover their shared counterparts often experience, they also tend to prefer a larger mattress size. If only to allow room for an unhurried weekend breakfast ritual followed by an uninterrupted read of the morning newspaper. For both, we tend to find stretching to a bit more extra space works well for everyone.


For those who find the wrong type can really ‘get up their nose,’ Slumberzone offers a range of sensitive, hypoallergenic mattress options that will help you to breathe easier. Because a deep, restorative sleep is vital to helping us all to feel fighting fit in the morning, we recommend asking our in-store advisors to highlight our more sensitive mattress options.

Finally, good luck! On reading and considering the practical steps above, we’re now confident that you’ll make the right mattress decision. However, we can’t resist one last piece of parting advice…
Remember that appearances can be deceiving. Pretty fabric, a bigger price tag, or a host of extra features won’t necessarily result in a better bed fit. Even though its benefits & features infosheet may have more badges than a biscuit-toting girl guide, we still advise customers to try lying on the mattress for a few minutes…
If you keep wriggling around – it might not be the one. If you don’t feel like getting up – you’re on to a good thing. If the sales advisor has to wake you for store closing hours – you’re a perfect match!