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A.TICU-S – Patented technology of titanium – copper alloy

Slumberzone New Zealand is proud to bring in Coppertine – A.Ticu-S a trusted & patented technology in pocket springs from Agro Germany.

Titanium – a symbol of strength and a material designed for movement because titanium is ductile, i.e. plastically deformable. Many industries already use the titanium effect in a highly successful way.

Agro, in cooperation with partners, have developed a special technique to use the strength of titanium for spring steel wire. The optimum mixture ratio and special temperature control during the hot rolling process create a refined grain structure, which can be seen in the micro-section and ensures increased ductility.


 Intelliprings™ Coil System 

Dual springs for multi zoned support

Slumberzone is proud to introduce Intelliprings™ the latest state of the art mattress technology. Engineered to provide superior posture support and luxurious comfort while minimizing those common sleep problems like partner disturbance and roll together. The legendary Intelliprings™ technology from Slumberzone is unique with dual coils in each pocket. Each pocket spring has an outer coil and an inner coil which combine to maximize correct posture support and comfort regardless of body shape or weight.


 Total Edge Support™ System

Superior Sitting Edge. No Sagging Borders

Total edge support system by Slumberzone is unique and developed to provide maximum sleeping surface without losing the core support. Not simply just a foam encasement but a strong box encasing, it has a soft feel on outer surface which makes it luxurious and outstanding. This support system is a signature of exceptionally high standards and prevents sagging borders. You can sit comfortably without having it collapse.

Traditional latex used in beds typically has a pin-holed core and open cell type. PUROLAX™ by Slumberzone Luxury Beds And Mattresses Category is engineered with advanced surface modification providing better contours and channels to increase airflow


Purelax™ Natural Latex

Hypo-allergenic and odour free 

Traditional latex used in beds typically has a pin-holed core and open cell type. PUROLAX™ by Slumberzone Luxury Beds And Mattresses Category is engineered with advanced surface modification providing better contours and channels to increase airflow

Made from natural latex from the rubber trees of South East Asia PUROLAX™ by Slumberzone is hypo-allergenic and odour free

Warmer in winter, cooler in summer it provides a better sleeping surface which contours to body shape

Provides luxurious comfort and orthopedic posture support

Highly resilient PUROLAX™ by Slumberzone minimizes partner disturbance

Reduces pressure points for more restful sleep


Durafoam™ Technology

Superior softness

DURAFOAM™ is incredibly resilient with a high density structure of tightly packed cells which allow air to pass through when you lie down on it.

DURAFOAM™ is exceptionally durable and environmentally friendly.

Because it holds its shape more efficiently DURAFOAM™ gives superior posture support relieving stress on the back and neck, keeping the spine in alignment.

DURAFOAM™ provides superior cushioning which means you will enjoy a deeper, more recuperative sleep so you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed.


 Orthocool™ Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam infused with support & cooling touch of gel

Traditional Memory foam is known for retaining heat. Orthocool™ Gel memory foam’s open-cell construction promotes air flow for a cooler night’s sleep. The gel infused technology makes it significantly superior to traditional memory foam. Orthocool™ has gel beads infused into the foam which opens the cell structure allowing for air movement. Body heat dissipates more effectively which helps maintain a cool, comfortable temperature all night. Our advanced manufacturing technique creates Memory foam mattresses that are softer than traditional memory foam. Orthocool™ Gel memory foam will quickly conform to your body shape and weight relieving shoulder, neck and back pain. By contouring to your body shape and supporting your natural curves. Orthocool™ Gel memory foam relieves pressure points, providing support where it’s needed. Our foam will work through the night to correctly align your spine reducing the risk of back pain. If partner disturbance is a problem, Orthocool™ Gel Memory foam will isolate motion transfer so one of you can get in or out of bed without disturbing the other.



 A firmer and supportive response 

Techno 10X springs by Slumberzone is unique with distinctive design which gives a firmer and supportive response when body pressure is applied. As the middle part of the coil is firmer and adjacent where as the top and bottom of the coil are broader producing an initial soft and luxurious feel. Techno 10X responds quicker to the body movements while changing sleeping positions and provides unmatched level of support, flexibility and comfort. Techno 10X is formed in 7 Zone Pocket spring which provides sleeper a truly supportive and pressure relieving Sleep and will support your Spine, neck and shoulder with upper back, Lumber and Pelvic to lower body . It is anatomically designed for correct sleeping posture and provide exquisite comfort.


Tripedic® Coil System


Tripedic coil system is engineered to provide dynamically controlled rebound, Progressive support and unparalleled comfort. Its Triple cord design is more than 10 times stronger than an ordinary pocket coils. It independently senses the weight and contours of your body. Tripedic triple cord’s individual coils are boxed, assembled and secured together which allows each spring to act independently and recognises the continued body pressure, provides firmer support. 3 Zone Pocket spring system in Tripedic is appropriate to provide the best comfort to the different body zones. The mid one third zone for the heaviest part of your body and top and bottom for Head, Shoulders and legs.



Put your allergies to sleep.

Purotex uses the technology of active probiotics. Applied on mattress or pillow textiles, they reduce the amount of house dust mite allergens by 93,7% two weeks after application! In other words, active probiotics create a fresh and clean sleeping environment. Probiotics are also used in yogurts to guarantee a healthy microflora and in hospitals as cleaning products to prevent resistant bacteria.

How does it work:

1. Inactive probiotics are encapsulated and integrated in the textiles.
2. Friction between body and mattress opens the microcapsules.
3. The probiotics absorb humidity and self-activate: they start to clean up allergens.
4. Wake up in a healthy bed!