CLIP top BLUMOTION brings together innovative technology, award-winning design and enhanced user convenience within the smallest space. This technology has now been integrated into the hinge providing a unique solution.

All doors in the Smyths Living range feature the new CLIP top BLUMOTION product line from Blum. Blumotion is Blum’s proven soft close technology. CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges use sophisticated technology for perfect door motion.

 CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges

Soft close hinges


The Smyths Living AVENTOS lift system provides perfect motion in the wall cabinet area. Even wide lift-up doors open easily and close silently and effortlessly thanks to Blumotion. The variable stop ensures that the   AVENTOS lift system always remain in the desired position.

Because the lift system opens upwards,  AVENTOS provides an excellent view into the cabinet interior. This enables comfortable and ergonomic access to the items stored.

“If the door is above me, how do I reach it?” No problem, with  AVENTOS the door sits in any desired position, so the door is always within reach.

Additionally, the AVENTOS lift system offers a huge variety of design options for wide fronts. The visual effect achieved on the base units can often be replicated on the wall cabinets.

Aventos Lift System


The Smyths Living corner cabinet is a work of art. The challenge for any corner cabinet is dead space. Dead space is defined as hard to reach and a wasted area in kitchens.

Unmistakeable in regards to form and function and that goes not only for the LE MANS race track, but also for the intelligent corner unit solution from Kesseböhmer.

LE MANS is the only corner cabinet solution that combines very high space utilisation with outstanding access. LE MANS trays swing right out in front of the cabinet on opening. You can store a lot of pots and pans and each one is always in easy reach.

LE MANS trays move independently of each other and have a large 25kg capacity per tray.

Le Mans Corner Cabinet