Cabinet Sizes

Our research has told us that we don’t need a 150mm toe kick or plinth area, so we took 50mm out and put that in your cabinet. The other 30mm? Research also told us that most of our customers are now taller than what kitchen ergonomics had allowed for, so we have increased the height to a more modern standard.

Just like our base cabinet we grew our tall cabinets as well. Most standard offers from other companies are around the 2100mm mark, Smyths Living have 2 heights 2200mm and 2380mm. That’s 2100 /2280mm in cabinet and the same 100mm in toe kick or plinth height. So in effect our cabinet is now taller than most standard offers are in total height. Another 11% on average is found here. 

The net result, Smyths Living is offering about 11%+ more storage for a similar price, when compared to pretty much anyone else in this market.

When space is tight creating extra storage within the same footprint is a major advantage.