Kitchen Layouts & Styles

Make Your Life Easier - Divide Your Kitchen into Zones!

Kitchens can be divided into different work areas or ‘zones’ to cater for typical tasks. This shortens distances and means that you can keep everything exactly where you need it.


Food is kept in the ‘consumables’ zone. The focus should be on easy access to contents when planning this zone.

 Easy Access Consumables Kitchen Design



The ‘non-consumables’ zone is designed for cutlery, dinnerware and glasses. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the dishwasher close by.

 Easy Access Non-consumables Kitchen Zone



This zone features the dishwasher and sink. Make sure you have enough space to keep cleaning utensils and agents here.

 Easy Access Cleaning Kitchen Design



All the utensils needed for preparing food are kept here (between ‘cooking’ and ‘cleaning’). Pull-outs ensure that implements are within easy reach and can be quickly placed on worktops.

 Easy Access Preparation Kitchen Design



There should be enough space for pots and pans and cooking utensils right next to the hob. And it’s a good idea to keep baking sheets and baking accessories close to the oven.

 Easy Access Cooking Kitchen Design


Smooth Workflows are Possible in Every Kitchen

Every kitchen can be divided into five work zones - regardless of size or shape. For right-handed people, the consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking zones are arranged clockwise. If you’re left-handed, it’s the other way around.

 Easy Access Kitchen LayoutsEasy Access Five Work Zones Kitchen Design

 Fit Easy Access into Your Kitchen!

Use Pull-outs and Lift Systems Instead of Doors

Clear visibility and easy access. No more bending down and digging out things thanks to easy-to-use pull-outs and lift systems.

 Good for Your Back

Drawers are more ergonomic. They save you from bending or kneeling down. And you can quickly find items at the back of drawers - without having to tidy up first

  Easy Access Lift Systems Kitchen Design


Easy Access Lift Systems

Lift systems glide up and out of your way, providing easy access to dinnerware. Convenient and safe. Lift systems hold in any position so both hands are free.

 Easy Access Good For Your Back Kitchen Design


Full extension

Drawers with full extension give you easy access to lids, provisions and containers - right at the back of drawers.

 Easy Access Full Extension Kitchen Design


Ergonomic levels

Sort your contents into items that you use all the time, often or seldom. If you store them at the right level, you won’t have to bend down or stretch so often. Easy Access Ergonomic Levels Kitchen Design