Carrier 53SHDS090 9KW Ducted Heatpump System

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Carrier Heatpump

Installation not included


  • Ducted System
  • 9 KW
  • Either ceiling or underfloor mounted
  • Covers approx 4 average sized rooms
  • Ducting extra (kit available)
  • 5 Year Warranty

Indoor H249 x W1100 x D774mm

Outdoor H810 x W946 x D410mm


SHDS Mid Static Ducted

The SHDS mid static ducted systems feature a slim design allowing it to be fitted in the tight roof spaces. This slim line ducted unit is the perfect choice for applications with minimal ceiling space. It has a maximum static pressure of up to 160Pa. Equipped with constant air volume control technology the fan automatically adjusts to perfect static pressure, keeping constant air volume. The unit has been designed for easy maintenance with the motor at the bottom of the unit and a big space at the side for quick access.

Flexible Air Intake - alongside the standard air intake from the back, there is an optional bottom air intake inlet for ease of installation. The size of the plate from the bottom and flange from the back is the same making it simple to switch as required according to the different applications.

Fresh Air - there is a standard fresh air hole built into the unit. It’s easy to connect which allows for fresh air from outside to be brought inside giving a comfortable environment and feeling.

Easy Clean - easy to draw out filters from the indoor unit for cleaning.

Easy Maintenance - with the motor located at the bottom and a large space at the side, the Carrier SHDS slim ducted unit allows for easy maintenance.

Anti-cold Air Function

Independant Dehumidification

Auto Defrosting

2-Way Draining

Auto Restart Function


Wired Control