Liebherr ZKES453 Humidor

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Liebherr Humidor

German Quality


  • 39L Capacity

  • Telescopic Rails

  • SmartSteel Finish - to reduce finger marks

  • Glass Door with Stainless Frame

  • LCD Display - with digital temp and humidity display

  • Malfunction Alarm

  • Child Lock

  • Touch Controls

  • 34KG

  • Door Open Alarm

  • LED Lighting - dimmable or permanently activated

  • Auto Defrost

  • 40dBA Noise Level

  • Energy Consumption 0.443kWh/24hr

  • Activated Charcoal Filter

H612 x W425 x D478


For optimum enjoyment, cigars must age for some time after manufacture in an air humidity of 68 % to 75 % in special climatic chambers.

The prerequisite for the maintenance of quality or for further aging is the guarantee of this air humidity and the maintenance of a storage temperature of +16°C to +20°C.

If cigars are stored in low air humidity, they dry out and lose their aroma and quality.

If the air humidity is too high, there is a risk of the valuable tobacco going mouldy.

In the Humidor, cigars can age under the perfect climatic conditions over a longer period of time.

A high-quality touch electronic control system in connection with humidity sensors guarantees that the required temperature and air humidity are accurately maintained.

Using the precision electronic control system, the temperature can be set between +16 °C and +20° C. The humidity can be set between 68% and 75%, as required.

The temperature alarm alerts the user to any irregularities in the inside temperature.


The cedar wood boxes are ideal for storing loose cigars and be easily removed for presentation purposes.