Mitsubishi MF-U160C-W Vertical Freezer

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Classic 160 Upright Freezer

Our classic frost-free upright freezer is 160 litres of convenience.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, transparent drawers, slim upright stature and rapid freeze function, it is the perfect addition to any home.

Frost Free Freezer

Say goodbye to manually defrosting your freezer. The Mitsubishi Electric Frost Free Freezer automatically prevents ice build up.

Slimline Upright Design

The modern Slimline Design features a door that swings back to 90 degrees, allowing for the easy removal of drawers for cleaning.

Transparent Drawers

Allow for quick and easy selection of items, minimising the amount of time spent with the door open, reducing the loss of cold air, saving energy.

Rapid Freeze Mode

To freeze items quickly, simply press the “Rapid Freeze” button to activate the special fast-freeze cycle, locking in freshness.

Energy Efficient Design

The External Temperature Control Panel allows adjustments to be made easily without losing cool air.

The Multi Purpose Sliding Cases keep the freezer cooler by minimising loss of 
cool air.

The Aluminium Tray speeds up freezing time, and is especially effective for quickly freezing large bulky items when using Rapid Freeze Mode.