Panasonic NAF60A5HNZ 6kg Washing Machine

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Panasonic 6KG Top Loading Washing Machine


Offering superior wash performance with exceptional ease of use.

ActiveFoam System and StainMaster technology ensure every wash is of premium quality.


Benefits of ActiveFoam System

1 Clean Results - A rich foam is created to maximize surfactant performance for powerful washing.

2 Fast Penetration - Fine and dense foam makes it easier to penetrate clothes to quickly remove dirt.

3 Less Undissolved Detergent - detergent is turned into foam before washing begins so less undissolved detergent becomes attached to clothes.


The Active Wave Pulsator with 8 wings creates powerful vertical water flow in the tub to repeatedly moves clothes up and down for a scrub-wash effect that removes stubborn stains.

The lower tub height and wider tub opening makes it easy to load and unload large items - this makes it easier to reach the bottom of the tub.

Stylish light grey body and tempered amber-coloured glass lid. 

H1050mm x W554mm x D618mm