Panasonic NN-DS596BQPQ Combination Steam Microwave Oven

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Panasonic Flatbed Inverter Crispy Grill Pure Steam Microwave Oven 

 27L Steam Combi Microwave Oven

  • Steam double griIl, and microwave in one
  • Flatbed technology means no turntable and more space
  • Double grill tray roasts and bakes like a conventional oven
  • Inverter technology gives true cooking power control
  • Attractive, modern design

Roast, Bake, Grill, Steam Or Microwave Delicious Meals With This 27L Combination Model

Featuring our superior Inverter technologyv - this exclusive technology effectively delivers continuous heating at modulated power for more evenly cooked food enabling you to create perfect meals.

Combination Cooking Made So Easy

Providing the ultimate combination in a compact design.

You can microwave and grill, grill and steam, microwave and steam - for a wonderful result every time.

The steam cooking function maintains flavour, moisture, texture and nutrients to ensure meals are healthy and cooked perfectly each time.

Flatbed Technology Eliminates The Turntable For More Space

The ingenious Flatbed design removes the need for a conventional turntable.

This feature allows for greater space inside the microwave - providing flexibility to use rectangular or larger dishes.

The clear interior design also makes the microwave easier to clean. 

Double Grill Tray Lets You Roast And Bake – Just Like A Conventional Oven

Featuring 22 Auto Menus, sensor reheat, steam reheat and steam defrost as well as double grill tray for perfect baking and roasting results that are like a conventional oven, in half the time!

Inverter Technology Gives You True Cooking Power Control

Inverter technology allows you to use your microwave with greater control than ever before. Conventional microwave ovens operate on only one power level - the microwave energy is either on or off. This on/off delivery of cooking power results in cold spots and overcooked edges. Panasonic Inverter technology delivers graduated power sequences so food is cooked more evenly