Parmco HX-3-6S-3GW Stainless Steel Gas Hob with Wok-burner

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Parmco HX-3-6S-3GW 600mm Stainless Gas Hob

Brand : Parmco

Model : HX-3-6S-3GW


With a sleek stainless steel design combined with durable cast iron trivets, a gas cooktop is suitable even for the most passionate cooks. With four powerful burners including wok burner, you have the convenience of selecting a slow simmer or a powerful setting for stir-fries and steaks.


  • Hob Type: Gas
  • Control: Knobs
  • Ignition: Automatic 
  • Jetting: LPG or natural gas
  • Power Supply: 10A electrical outlet
  • Safety: Flame failure protection
  • Surface: Easy clean

HX-3-6S-3GW dimensions