Robinhood RPD3CL9WH Powerpack Rangehood 900mm

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  • Robinhood RPD3CL9WH Under Cupboard Rangehood

    Brand: Robinhood

    Model no: RPD3CL9WH



    520W x 296D x 307H mm
    900W x 296D x 307H mm

    Decibel rating

    54db at fan setting 1.


    Charcoal Filters
    RPD3CL6WH - Charcoal Filter RPD6CF152
    RPD3CL9WH - Charcoal Filter RPD9CF152

    Super power performance

    Sophisticated design and powerful extraction become a discreet part of your kitchen

    Star features:

    • Designed to be completely built in.
    • Powerful 1000 M3/H perimeter extraction system optimises air movement, so cooking odours go unnoticed.
    • Modern styling in white glass makes cleaning easy.
    • A recirculation option, for kitchens where ducting your hob to the exterior of the house isn't possible (some ducting may still be required to remove air from cupboard space).
    • Three-speed centrifugal motor, to match your cooking styles.
    • Soft touch electronic controls.
    • LED Lights illuminate the whole cooking area and can be operated independently.
    • Dishwasher safe micromesh filters.
    • Delay timer finishes up after you finish cooking.

    Powerful 1,000 M3/H perimeter extraction system

    The RPD series rangehoods have a high powered motor with three speed settings to suit your cooking needs. The perimeter extraction system quickly draws air and efficiently removes smells, smoke and airborne grease particles.


    Don't forget that ducting comes separately

    Your rangehood needs the right ducting so 'dirty' air is expelled. The ducting kit you need depends on the location of your rangehood and the structure of your home.

    Choose the right ducting for your kitchen

    Click the diagram that best suits how you plan to connect your rangehood to the outside to find the appropriate kit for you.


    If your kitchen layout isn't like any of these, don't panic. Robinhood Uniduct kits have adaptors and accessories that can duct any rangehood in almost any situation.

    Recirculation is an option

    This RPD3CL6WH (520mm) & RPD3CL9WH (900mm) model can be fitted with recirculation filters if the location of your rangehood makes it impossible to duct.

    Recirculation is usually a last resort though, as ducting ‘dirty’ air to the outside is the recommended option for most rangehoods.