Robinhood RTA3CI6WH Tilterhood 600mm

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Robinhood 60cm Tiltahood Rangehood RTA3CI6WH

Brand : Robinhood

Model : RTA3CI6WH

Efficient design and the perfect match for your kitchen

The Tilterhood has a top-hinged door that swings out to create a clever canopy effect. At the same time, it automatically activates the lighting and the powerful centrifugal motors. The door comes ready to accommodate the same finishing material as your kitchen cabinetry, which means the Robinhood Tilterhood can be a perfect match for any kitchen décor.

Star features:

  • Top-hinged door opens to active motor and lights, and create an efficient canopy effect.
  • Blank door design allows customisation to suit your kitchen décor.
  • Twin centrifugal motors on the three-speed models.
  • Twin dishwasher-safe micromesh filters
  • Top ducted (125mm) or recirculating options.

Great innovation

It's compact when not in use, but when the top-hinged door is opened it creates a large catchment area behind that helps drive steam and cooking odours towards the fans. The filters are also angled more vertically so they can have a larger surface area.

Look for the distinctive box in stores


Don't forget that ducting comes separately

Your rangehood needs the right ducting so 'dirty' air is expelled. The ducting kit you need depends on the location of your rangehood and the structure of your home.


Choose the right ducting for your kitchen

Click the diagram that best suits how you plan to connect your rangehood to the outside to find the appropriate kit for you.


If your kitchen layout isn't like any of these, don't panic. Robinhood Uniduct kits have adaptors and accessories that can duct any rangehood in almost any situation.

Recirculation is an option

This RTA3CI6WH Tilterhood (Available in NZ only) model can be fitted with recirculation filters if the location of your rangehood makes it impossible to duct.

Recirculation is usually a last resort though, as ducting ‘dirty’ air to the outside is the recommended option for most rangehoods.