Toshiba PKVG22 Wall Mount Heat Pump

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This is an installed Back-To-Back price. Subject to wiring inspection.

Suitable for living areas.

8°C Heating Optimise your energy savings and enhance your wellbeing by tailoring the ambient temperature in the room. The 8°C heating mode protects your home and contents from freezing temperatures while you are away, making it the perfect choice for cold climates. This setting can be adjusted to any temperature between 5°C and 13°C.

Improved comfort by distributing powerful and stable air volume in 6 unique air flow patterns. The indoor unit provides further air flow and stable air volume in 6 unique patterns to ensure optimum comfort levels. Independent louvers improve comfort with a selection of powerful air flow shower settings to evenly distribute the air flow, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature.


TOSHIBA PKVG22 Wall Mount Heat Pump


Manufacturer Toshiba
Model PKVG22
Type Highwall
kW Cool 6
kW Heat 6.9
Cooling range 1.50 - 7.50
Heating range 1.00 - 8.50
EER 3.92
COP at 7°C 4.23
Cooling stars 3
Heating stars 3.5
Noise inside (dBA) 35-46
Noise outside (dBA) 55
Airflow max 313
Warranty 5 years
Refrigerant R32