Hillmark ScalexPlus Descaler and Freshener

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Hillmark ScalexPlus Washing Machine and Dishwasher Descaler and Freshener

The Hillmark ScalexPlus: 

  • Removes lime scale and calcium build up. 
  • Improves appliance efficiency. 
  • Sanitises and deodorises in one easy to use sachet.

The performance of your dishwasher and washing machine can quickly become affected by grease and food deposits, as well as detergent residue, limescale deposits and calcium build-up. This not only looks unsightly but can create stale odours in your machine and decrease the efficiency of your appliance.

ScalexPlus has been specifically formulated to descale, remove food and calcium build and leave your appliance sanitised and deodorised - with a lasting lemon fragrance. All in one perfectly measured single dose.

Box contains 3 x 75g sachets.

Made in Australia.