Vac-Pac Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Vac-Pac Vacuum Bags

Vac-Pac™ is owned by Vac-Pac International Ltd, whose mission is simple, to provide consumers with the most comprehensive range of high quality, fairly priced vacuum cleaner bags.

Vac-Pac International Ltd recognises that vacuum cleaner bag merchandising in many electrical appliance stores is a problem. There is often a variety of different brands in different coloured packs. These contain different quantities of bags with varying quality, shape and size. This makes ranging not only difficult and untidy for retailers but also a nightmare for consumers to select from.

Vac-Pac International Ltd sees the need for retailers to have access to a TOTAL category solution, from product range depth and visibility of branding through to width of merchandising options and a quality delivery service. Through its network of international distributors, Vac-Pac International Ltd provides that solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My vacuum cleaner has lost suction. What do I need to do? 
A: Check that the bag is not too full or that the filters are not blocked or dirty. Otherwise your cleaner hose may have a blockage or partial blockage. 
Remove hose and check suction at the machine end. If okay, then drop small coin in one end of hose. If it does not readily drop through the hose and come out the other end, then you could have a blockage. If after clearing or if this is not the problem you need to check with your nearest service agent.

Q: Can I use any type of paper/plastic bag?
A: No, never use anything other than the proper vacuum cleaner bags made to fit your model. These bags are made of a special type of material that stops the dirt whilst allowing a good deal of airflow through your machine.

Q: When should I change my vacuum cleaner bag?
A: Most vacuum cleaners have a dustbag indicator. These however are not foolproof and you should periodically check the bag to make sure it is not getting too full.

Q: When should I change the filters?
A: All cleaners vary and makers' instructions will vary from model to model. However you should periodically check that the filters are not blocked. 
If filters are not maintained, the air that exits the cleaner will not be clean and blockages will reduce the effective life of your vacuum.

Q: During renovations can I use my vacuum cleaner to pick up plaster or cement dust?
A: This is by far the number one reason for blown motors as the very fine plaster or cement dust gets through the filters. If the dust particles settle on the motor bearings they act as an abrasive and wear them down. Also they can clog up the electrical parts of the motor and cause short-circuits. If you use your cleaner for this purpose, be aware of the above. Make sure your tradesmen do not use your vacuum cleaner for this purpose and provide their own machine to clean up.

Q: How do I find the right replacement bag for my vacuum cleaner?
A: Start with our vacuum bag search by make and model. If you cannot find the correct bag please contact us with your make and model.